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Bucko's Lids all started with a group of friends sitting in my backyard at the start of Covid. Picture this, a beautiful So. Cal. spring day, cool breeze, tacos, margaritas, music. We were discussing how all the made to order hats were so lame and how I could do so much better. All I needed was a hat press.

My husband claimed, "No one will buy a hat during Covid".

Needless to say, he was WRONG!


The following weekend, same group of friends, swimsuits, pizza, pool party and a few hats for my peeps to model. Low and behold, I had a new biz!​

Three years later, I have scaled up from my one little hat press on my kitchen counter to a new addition in my house with multiple presses and a whole new side gig. I ship throughout the United States and can't wait to hear what ideas you have for me to bring to life.

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